Embrace What Life Has to Offer With 
ACT Therapy

Accept and Commit Yourself to a Better Way of Life

Enjoy a fuller life when you trust Teton Counseling Center to help you with your Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

ACT is about willingly embracing everything that life has to offer, including the pain you're experiencing. We'll help you find ways to feel your emotions without letting the emotions control you. This allows you to control your choices instead of allowing the pain to dictate what you do. 

Our team can help you understand the role of boundaries and values within the process, enabling you to experience a fuller life and a better sense of self. We offer a safe and confidential setting.

Teton Counseling Center is locally owned and operated. Our center accepts Medicaid and private insurance plans. Call us today to learn more about ACT.

Stressed by work

Let Us Help You With ACT Therapy:

  • Chronic pain that is interfering with your quality of life
  • Overwhelmed by anxiety
  • Stressed by work, family or unmanageable finances
  • Pessimistic thoughts and painful memories
Take control of your life with the depression treatments and relationship therapy from Teton Counseling Center.
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